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    ESHS Biennial Conference 2018 in conjunction with the BSHS
    London, 14-17 September 2018, theme: Unity and Disunity
    The next biennial conference of the European Society for the History of Science will be held in London from 14 to 17 September. The core days will be the Saturday and Sunday.
    The meeting is being organised by the British Society for the History of Science, with the active collaboration of the Department of Science and Technology Studies of University College London and (...)

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    ESHS short presentation
    Founded in 2003, the European Society for the History of Science promotes European cooperation in the fields of history of science, technology and medicine. Members of the ESHS are located throughout the world.
    The official journal of the ESHS is Centaurus, to which members of the ESHS are offered a special subscription rate Centaurus
    They are also offered a cut-price subscription to Notes and Records of the Royal Society. Join the ESHS You can download the (...)

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    The ESHS offers a reduced fee (€ 30) for 2017 and 2018 to participants taking part to the 2016 Prague ESHS Conference.

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