• (Nov. 2017) The Mathematization of Natural Philosophy between Practical Knowledge and Disciplinary Blending

    Special Issue of the Journal of Early Modern Studies (November 2018)
    Editors : Dana Jalobeanu, Grigore Vida
    While most of the classical narratives about the “mathematization of nature” have become obsolete, questions concerned with the mathematization of natural philosophy are still central to the inquiries into the emergence of modern science. Nowadays, historians prefer to speak about “forms of mathematization” in the early modern period (Roux ed., 2010, 2017), in recognition of the (...)

  • Isaac Beeckman in Context. Science, the Arts, and Culture in the Early Dutch Republic

    Klaas van Berkel (University of Groningen) (k.van.berkel@rug.nl)
    Albert Clement (University College Roosevelt, Middelburg) (a.clement@ucr.nl)
    Arjan van Dixhoorn (University College Roosevelt, Middelburg) (a.vandixhoorn@ucr.nl) Rational
    1618 was a crucial year in what is now known as the Scientific Revolution. In September of that year the Dutch artisan, theologian, schoolmaster and natural philosopher Isaac Beeckman (1588-1637) was promoted to doctor of medicine in the (...)

  • Female Networks : Gendered Ways of Producing Knowledge (1750-1830)

    Elena Serrano (Max Planck institute for the History of Science, Berlin)
    Simon Werrett (Department of Science and Technology Studies, UCL) Rational
    It has been evident for some time that women were active participants in scientific culture
    across Europe in the eighteenth century, and a number of individuals such as the Duchess of
    Portland, Caroline Herschel, or Madame Lavoisier are well known. Women typically
    operated outside scientific institutions, although some (...)

  • International Conference History of Physics

    Jaume Navarro (Ikerbasque and University of the Basque Country) Rational
    Joint 3rd International Conference on the History of Physics under the auspices of the European Physical Society and 4th Early-Career Conference for Historians in the Physical Sciences of the American Institute of Physics
    17-21 October 2018
    Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain)
    2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the European Physical Society (EPS). (...)


    Organising institution
    Mexican Delegation of the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO) Organiser(s)
    Dr. Manuel Suárez Lastra (Director of the Institute of Geography, UNAM) Dra. Elena Centeno García (Director of the Institute of Geology, UNAM) Dr. Hugo Delgado Granados (Director of the Institute of Geophysics, UNAM) Mtro. Luis Espinosa Arrubarrena (Head of the Geological Museum, UNAM) Dra. Luz Fernanda Azuela (Institute of Geography, UNAM) Dr. Dante Moran (...)

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