Organising institution

Mexican Delegation of the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO)


Dr. Manuel Suárez Lastra (Director of the Institute of Geography, UNAM) Dra. Elena Centeno García (Director of the Institute of Geology, UNAM) Dr. Hugo Delgado Granados (Director of the Institute of Geophysics, UNAM) Mtro. Luis Espinosa Arrubarrena (Head of the Geological Museum, UNAM) Dra. Luz Fernanda Azuela (Institute of Geography, UNAM) Dr. Dante Moran Zenteno (Institute of Geology, UNAM) Dra. Lucero Morelos Rodríguez (Institute of Geology, UNAM) Dr. Enrique González Torres (Faculty of Engineering, UNAM)

Dates and time of the event

12.-22. November 2018

Place of the event

Mexico City


The Mexican Delegation of the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences is delighted to organise our 43rd INHIGEO Conference, to be held at the Palace of Mining in Mexico City, from November 12th to November 22nd, 2018.


  • History of vulcanological studies
  • Humboldt’s influence in earth sciences
  • Werner’s neptunists in America
  • History of mining and oil research
  • General contributions on the history of Geology


Mid- Meeting field trip to Tepoztlan, devoted to cross one of the most impressive Quaternary volcanic fields of the transmexican Volcanic belt in central Mexico. This field is constituted by 250 monogenetic cinder cones, the youngest born in the last 2.000 years, when there were already human settlements in the region. The field trip includes a visit to the scenic Miocene volcanic succession near Tepoztlan, which is a beautiful village with traditional architecture.

Post-Meeting five-day field trip to Oaxaca, with the goal of traveling along a representative section of the central Mexico stratigraphy, from the Quaternary volcanic successions to the Proterozoic high-grade metamorphic terranes. The trip includes the visit to Cretaceous paleontological rich sites and emblematic archeological centers. Overnights will be in Puebla, Tehuacan and Oaxaca. Important geologic landscapes to see during trip are the highest stratovolcanoes in Mexico (Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba), the Tehuacan Valley, the Juarez range and the colorful Jurassic units of Oaxaca.


15 April 2018 – Deadline for abstract submission

18 May 2018 – Notification of acceptance and 2nd Circular

15 July 2018 – Closure of early bird registration for Conference, Post- Meeting trip, and accompanying participant´s registration

Please find more information on: www.inhigeo.com

Contact: inhigeo@igg.unam.mx