Bologna 2020


Thursday, September 3 2020




1) Information on election of three auditors of treasurer’s report. Adaptation to Bologna virtual format. AS

2) Information on election of 2 scrutineers (vote for the Council and Scientific Board). Adaptation to Bologna virtual format. How virtual elections will proceed. AS, ST


3) Presentation of the candidates for the New Council: opening of the virtual ballot. Candidates, ST


4) In memoriam. AS, ST


5) President’s report. Vote AS

6) Vice President’s report. Vote TM

7) Editor of Centaurus’ report. Vote KV

8) Secretary’s report. Vote ST

9) Treasurer’s report and three auditors joint report. Vote EN

10) Webmaster’s report. Vote MH


11) President Elect’s report and plan of action. TA


12) Presentation of the results of the votes for New Council and Scientific Board by the scrutineers.


13) Presentation of the recipients of the early scholar grants. AS, ST


14) A preliminary assessment of the Bologna Conference. EV


15) Towards the Brussels 2022 Conference. Presentation and vote. BVT


16) Discussion, proposals of the members.


17) Closure by the new President. TA


AS- Ana Simões, TM- Toni Malet, TA- Theo Arabatzis, EN- Erwin Neuenschwander, ST- Simone Turchetti, MH – Matthieu Husson, KV- Koen Vermeir, BVT- Brigitte Van Tiggelen, EV- Ezio Vaccari,


Candidates for new Council: Dana Jalobeanu, (Simone Turchetti), (Erwin Neuenschwander), Lisbeth de Mol, Brigitte van Tiggelen, Erika Luciano, Roberto Lalli

Scrutineers: Sebastian Grevsmuhl, Daniele Cozzoli

Auditors: Annette Vogt, Doubravka Olsakova, Daniel Mitchell



The ESHS Scientific Council (Officers) proposal for the new Scientific Board is the following:

President Elect – Dana Jalobeanu (She has accepted to be nominated)

Secretary – Simone Turchetti (Simone has served one term, may be elected for another term. He has accepted to be nominated)

Treasurer – Erwin Neuenschwander (The Treasurer may be re-elected an unlimited number of occasions. Erwin Neuenschwander is ready to serve another period).

Webmaster – Lisbeth de Mol (Matthieu Husson has served as Webmaster for two terms, not eligible for re-election. Lisbeth de Mol accepted to be nominated)

Web Editor and Communications Officer – Brigitte van Tiggelen (Brigitte served one term as Newsletter Editor. She has accepted to be nominated for Web Editor and Communications Officer, a new position according to the revised statutes)

Archivist – Erika Luciano (Erika served one term as PR officer. She has accepted to be nominated for Archivist, a new position according to the revised statutes)

Public Relations (PR) Officer – Roberto Lalli (Roberto Lalli has accepted to be nominated)

Centaurus Editor - Koen Vermeir (This position is not open to election).


Scientific Board (Besides officers ex officio, the SB has 8 members, and up to four of them may represent institutional members. Members may serve for a maximum of two terms).

Individual Members: 

James Frank (UK) (Has served one term, and agrees to serve a second term).

Matthieu Husson (France) (Accepted to be nominated to serve a first term)

Darya Drozdova (Russia) (Accepted to be nominated to serve a first term).

Giulia Rispoli (Germany) (Accepted to be nominated to serve a first term).

Pietro Omodeo (Italy) (Accepted to be nominated to serve a first term).

Qi Han (P.R. China) (Has served one term, and agrees to serve a second term).

Institutional members: 

Clara Florensa (Catalan Society for the History of Science) (Has served one term, and agrees to serve a second term).

Maria Paula Diogo (Center for the History of Science and Technology, Lisbon Portugal) (Has served one term, and agrees to serve a second term).


Names of recipients of EC grants/ Countries of Academic Affiliation

25 recipients:

7 UK, 1 Sweden, 6 Italy, 1 Argentina, 1 Denmark, 2 USA, 1 Canada, 1 Greece, 1 Poland, 1 Iran, 1 Switzerland, 2 China

 Anna Dadaian, UK; Anna Gustavsson, Sweden; Beatrice Falcucci, Italy; Cecilia Simon, Argentina; Chiara D’Agostini, Denmark; Daniele Musumeci, Italy; Doran Connemara, USA; Elena Scalambro, Italy; Eleonora Loiodice, Italy; Elisa Patergnani, Italy; Emma Prevignano, UK; Fedir Razumenko, Canada; Fiona Amery, UK; Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh, UK; Grigoris Panoutsopoulos, Greece; Joanna Zwierzynska, Poland; Joshua McMullan, UK; Lachlan Fleetwood, UK; Leonardo Capanni, Italy; Maryam Zamani, Iran; Robert Tomczak, Switzerland; Srijita Pal, USA; Xiaofei Wang, China; Yijie Huang, UK; Zhou (Célestin) Xiaohan, China


Board of officers documents

President’s report

President Elect’s report

President Elect candidate’s statement

 Treasurer’s report

Secretary’s report

Archivist’s statement

Web editor and communication officer’s statement

Editor of Centaurus’ report

Web Master’s report

Web Master candidate’s statement

Public relation officer candidate’s statement


Scientific Board Documents


Rispoli’s statement

Husson’s statement

Drozdova’s statement

Omodeo’s statement

Kubbinga’s statement