Call for Proposals: Special Issues of Centaurus

Regularly Centaurus, the Official Journal of the European Society for the History of Science, publishes issues dedicated to a special theme. They are the result of an annual Call for Proposals. Recently published special issues include:

  • Tercentenary of D’Alembert’s Birth (1717-1783). A Review of the Latest Research.
  • The Promises of Science. Historical Perspectives.
  • How Do Writings in the Early Astral Sciences Reveal Mathematical Practices?
  • Scoops, Scams and Scuffles. The Construction of Prehistoric Knowledge in Newspapers.

Now, the ESHS and the Editorial Board of Centaurus solicit proposals for special issues for 2020 and 2021.

Proposals should include the following:

  1. A description of the topic and its significance (approximately 500 words).
  2. A list of 6 to 10 contributors, and a title and paragraph describing each contributor’s individual essay. Note that we would normally expect a diverse set of authors.
  3. A brief c.v. of the guest editor(s).
  4. A schedule of production (date of first submission; time for peer review; time for revisions; final version ready).

Centaurus is growing and special issues can now be larger than before. More than 150 pages (75,000 words) are available for a special issue. All topics that belong to the scope of the journal can be chosen. See the website of the journal:

For more detailed information for authors, see the author guidelines:

We are especially looking forward to receiving proposals for interdisciplinary special issues.

The committee selecting the special issues will be composed of the editorial board and ESHS representatives. Criteria include the quality, innovative character and interest of the proposal, the expertise of the guest editor(s), the expertise and diversity of the authors, and the coherence and feasibility of the project.

Deadline: proposals should be sent to the editor (at the address below) no later than January 15, 2019. The results of the selection process will be announced in February, 2018.

If you cannot make this deadline, please send a note to the Editor, and it may be possible to negotiate a different deadline. Ad hoc proposals will also be considered, but proposals sent in response to the Annual Call will get priority for publication.

Sincerely yours,

—Koen Vermeir

Editor of Centaurus