Next steps for the ESHS Early career network


Several initiatives for the network were proposed during the final meeting of the first conference last month in Paris. These propositions from the network were then discussed by the board of ESHS officers so that three of them can now be launched. For each a task force of three or four members of the network willing to foster the initiative need to be constituted. They will make the initiative concrete as was brilliantly done by Idit Chikurel, Hugo Suarez, Laure Miolo and Alexandre Stoeger for the first early career scholar conference. As soon as three or four volunteers have proposed themselves for a given initiative the task force group will begin its work. Bellow the initiative are describe briefly.

  • Initiative 1: presence of the early career network in the Bologna meeting. First the society want to encourage members of the network to submit symposia and stand-alone paper. But beyond this some specific events could also be organised and included in the official program. The following were proposed last month in Paris and approved by the board:
    • A formal young scholar meeting in the program, maybe as a "lunch meeting" with catering as was done in London in order to discuss the future of the network
    • An informal "pub meeting" with members of the ESHS boards and whoever want to join during one of the evening conference as was done in London
    • Organise a few "skills based" sessions, for instance around the Centaurus mentorship program

The goal of this task force will be to organise and develop these events and be in contact with the Conference organisation team so that they are made possible and included in the program. The task force will also have a role in fostering submission of symposia and stand-alone papers by members of the early career network.

  • Initiative 2: Prize awarded by the early career network. This prize is a very original idea that emerged during the Paris conference. The early career network will attribute its own prize for a recent publication that is considered most inspiring by the member of the early career network. The prize will be a very important signal for the whole community of history of science. The role of the task force is to take the necessary steps so that a clear and fair process of nomination and vote for this prize is implemented in the early career network so as to deliver the first prize during the Bologna conference where a representative of the task force will be given a space in a plenary session to present the prize, its result and the awarded colleague give a presentation of his research.
  • Initiative 3: Organisation of the next conference of the early career network. The role of this task force will be to organise the next early career network conference of the ESHS in 2021. That is to define the date and place, the theme of the conference, the call of for paper, the selection of submissions, the building of the program, the gestion of the admin and budget of the event etc. The four organisers of the Paris conference have already proposed to share their experience and support this particular task force.

To volunteer simply send an email to ( specifying the initiatives you are interested in. If you want to volunteer but need to ask a few questions of clarification before you engage "just to be sure" please feel free to ask. This network will be built from your initiatives!

 Last, the ESHS board also pointed that the early career network should be firmly connected to the society also in term of membership. I hope that we will be able to come back to all of you soon on this matter with concrete propositions but in the meantime all are strongly encouraged to register as a member to the society here