History of the foundations of mathematics and Physics


Joseph Kouneiher, Nice University (France)

Jean Jacques Szczeciniarz, (D. Diderot Paris7 university)

Thierry Masson, (Université de Marseille)


the aim of this session is to explore from the philosophy and history of sciences point of view, some radical questions which are old but should be re-visited to better understand the history of the actual physics and mathematics. A questions which can treat for examples the ideas of

  1. The mathematical models of Physics: discrete or continuous ? Plato
  2. Ether ? Maxwell
  3. ”Constants of Nature”, Are they constant in extreme conditions? Dirac
  4.  The history of the intertwining between mathematics and physics. Indeed, as we know the ultimate aim of the mathematician is to fit mathematical beauty to experimental evidence Weyl, and the ultimate aim of the physicist is to predict experimental evidence from simple mathematical models Newton,Einstein. What we can learn about this exchanges by regards to the philosophy and history of sciences concern.


Contact email: Joseph Kouneiher

Deadline for paper submission: November 30, 2017