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Special issue: Verticality in the History of Science
GUEST EDITORS: Wilko Graf von Hardenberg and Martin Mahony
The “spatial turn” in the history of science has focused on the horizontal dimension, leaving mostly unexplored the role of the vertical as both a condition and object of scientific knowledge-making. This special issue contributes to a burgeoning discussion on the role of verticality in modern science, and more broadly to a growing recognition across the humanities and social sciences about the significance of the vertical in the making of modern lifeworlds. 
1. Wilko Graf von Hardenberg and Martin Mahony, ’Introduction—Up, down, round and round: Verticalities in the history of science [Open access]

Essay review
Book reviews
13. Compound histories: Materials, governance and production, 1760–1840, edited by Lissa L. Roberts and Simon Werrett (2018: Brill), review by Sven Dupré