Scientific Board

As specified in the Statutes of the Society, the Scientific Board consists of the council members together with eight regular members (including at most four institutional members). For more details on the structure, functioning and election of the Board, see The Statutes.

The Current Board Members, elected at the General Assembly of 2020, are:

Council Members

Theodore Arabatzis, President

Ana Simões, Vice-President

Dana Jalobeanu, President-Elect

Simone Turchetti, Secretary

Erwin Neuenschwander, Treasurer

Koen Vermeir, Centaurus Editor

Roberto Lalli, Public Relations

Liesbeth De Mol, Webmaster

Brigitte van Tiggelen, Web Editor and Communications Officer

Erika Luciano, Archivist

Individual Members

Darya Drozdova (Russia)

James Frank (UK)

Matthieu Husson (France)

Pietro Omodeo (Italy)

Qi Han (China)

Giulia Rispoli (Germany)

Institutional Members

Catalan Society for the History of Science and Technology (Josep Simon)

Center for the History of Science and Technology, Lisbon Portugal (Maria Paula Diogo)

Past Presidents

Claude Debru,  2004–2006

Robert Fox, 2004–2006

Eberhard Knobloch, 2006–2008

Helge Kragh, 2008–2010

Sona Strbanova, 2010–2012

Fabio Bevilacqua, 2012–2014

Karine Chemla, 2014–2016

Antoni Malet, 2016-2018

 Ana Simões, 2018-2020

For past ESHS Officers, see here