Enrico Giusti (1940-2024)

With great sorrow and sadness, ESHS institutional member, the Italian Society for the History of Mathematics (SISM) informs of the death of Enrico Giusti, an internationally renowned mathematician and historian of mathematics, who passed away on 26 March 2024, in Florence. Enrico Giusti achieved fundamental results, also in collaboration with some of the greatest mathematicians of the last century such as Enrico Bombieri and Ennio De Giorgi, in the calculus of variations, elliptic differential equations, minimal surfaces and functions of finite variation. As a historian of mathematics, he left important works on Leonardo Pisano, Galileo and the Galilean school, and the origins of infinitesimal calculus. The critical edition of Liber Abbaci was one of his last labors. He was the editor of the journal Bollettino di Storia delle Scienze Matematiche from its foundation in 1981 until 2022, sustaining it at a level of quality of the leading journals in the field. He was the creator and director of the Garden of Archimedes, dedicating himself to the popularization of mathematics. One of the founders of the Society for the History of Mathematics in 2000, he always actively participated in the life of the association for which he was a constant scientific reference.

To those who knew him and frequented him closely, he leaves the regret of a sincere and generous friend.

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