Centaurus mentoring program

Authors who do not have much experience with international publishing can take part in the Centaurus Mentorship Program. This program offers authors the experience of supervision or mentorship by world class experts in the field, which is a unique service that brings the best advice to scholars from all backgrounds. The program will help upcoming authors navigate the publication process and the peer review system. It is intended to make the journal more attractive for publication to new international authors.

In the initial stages, the selected mentor would answer questions about the journal’s processes and about international publishing in general. Mentors may also do a first quality review before the manuscripts are forwarded to referees, and may advice the author to resubmit an improved version of their text. Note that mentors will not correct stylistic or linguistic problems, nor will they actively rewrite or make changes directly to the text. Later in the publication process, mentors may help interpret the referee reports and give guidance for how to address the reports and how to improve the manuscript.

The Centaurus Mentorship Program is now managed by the ESHS. If you are a member of the ESHS and want to be mentored, please contact Emma Prevignano before submitting your article to Centaurus:

Also in the context of the mentorship program, Centaurus will adhere to our strict conflict of interest policy and the mentor will have no access to or influence on the double blind review and decision process.