Neuenschwander prize – 2024: Karine Chemla

The Council of the ESHS is delighted to announce that Karine Chemla has been awarded the Gustav Neuenschwander Prize for 2024.

The ESHS Council recognizes Professor Chemla’s path-breaking, wide-ranging, and stimulating scholarship that has inspired generations of historians of science across the world to this day.

Following the GN Prize award ceremony, Professor Chemla will deliver a plenary address at the ESHS Barcelona 2024 Conference.

Karine Chemla’s nomination highlighted:

Her study of mathematical cultures in ancient and medieval China from a global comparative perspective.

Her work on the concept of generality in nineteenth-century mathematics.

The cultural significance of her approach in current scholarly efforts to reinterpret the birth of the modern world and the history of Euro-Asian relations.

Her theoretical research program on the history of science, which includes coordinating several collective volumes and research programs focused on epistemological cultures, scientific practices (notably textual practices), reasoning styles, and related concepts.

Her tireless efforts to promote an open, collaborative and international approach against some tendencies of some countries to weaponize our disciplines to rewrite their history and promote nationalistic views.

More details, including an academic bio, can be found here.

Details on the Neuenschwander prize, including a list of past winners, is here.

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