11th ESHS conference

Barcelona, Spain, 4-7 september 2024


We are happy to announce that the 11th ESHS conference will take place in Barcelona (Spain), from 4 to 7 September 2024. The theme will be Science, Technology, Humanity, and the Earth. Science is the primary means by which mankind understands, represents and intervenes in the world. Humanity is facing challenges that can threaten its future and the future of the planet where it lives. As historians of science, we are committed to understand how epidemics, wars and climate change are connected. We invite the community of European historians of science to look at the object of their historical research with a view to the great challenges that humanity has been facing both nowadays and throughout its history. The aim is to distance the conference from a specific methodological approach, and to establish a dialogue between different historiographies,  perspectives and topics.

Barcelona is a leading centre for the study of history of science in Spain with a number of research groups working in its universities and the CSIC, the Spanish National Research Council. There is a large community of historians of science, with some 300 members of the Catalan Society for the History of Science and Technology. A specific Master’s programme in History of Science: Science, History and Society is offered at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Universitat de Barcelona and there is a specific PhD programme in History of Science at UAB. 

The main venue of the conference will be the Campus Ciutadella of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

The call for session proposals will open on October 1 2023.
The call for individual paper proposals will open on November 23 2023.

More details can be found on the conference website.