Institut d’Història de la Ciència

Institute for History of Science (IHC)

The Institut d’Història de la Ciència (iHC), at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, crowns a long trajectory of research, teaching, and popularization of History of Science in the Catalan university system, with a strong international dimension. The iHC approaches history of science as a dynamic, global discipline that critically studies several aspects of our scientific culture (19th-20th centuries). It provides refined historical analysis of topics such as: (1) Science, Nature and Power: the analysis of the political charge of scientific expertise in terms of knowledge and power, nature and culture; (2)Technoscience: the study of processes of coproduction between science (science, technology and medicine) and society; (3) Health, Body and Subjectivities: a critical study of the medicalization and psychologizing processes (both material and symbolic).