Koszor Codrea Cosmin


Oxford Brookes University

Research interest

Social History of Science, Science Popularization, Transfer of Knowledge, History of Racism, Popular Science, Eugenics

Research project

My project is a work of social history of science with a particular focus on the popularization of Darwinism in the Romanian context, c. 1860-1918.

The main objective of this study is to place Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory within Romanian cultural context and trace its consequences throughout different public spheres. In doing so, the history of Romanian science popularization is of crucial importance, as it gives not only a picture of the interconnectedness between the political and scientific construction of knowledge but also a glimpse of the cultural hegemony of certain scientists and intellectuals on public opinions.

My research will focus on both the written and spoken word of the leading voices of Romanian nineteenth-century naturalists. Special attention will be given to science popularization journals, periodicals, brochures and various public conferences which addressed the evolutionary theory in accordance with their readership and audience’s social status. However, a closer look at science popularization discourse will reveal the appearance of the anarchist encounters with the same practice which stood as a weapon of individual, social and political liberation.

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