HoST 14.1 (Jun. 2020) Special Issue – STANDARDS: TAMING KNOWLEDGE?


Javier Ordóñez, Antonio Sánchez


De Gruyter/Sciendo

Presentation text

Special issue “Standards: Taming Knowledge?”, with an introduction by the guest editors Javier Ordóñez and Antonio Sánchez to the four articles that it contains. They are case studies dealing with the setting of standards’ epistemological and institutional issues in the modern period, with approaches ranging from the history and philosophy of mathematics, the history and visual culture of biology to the history and philosophy of science and technology.

  • “Introduction: Standards in the History of Contemporary Science”, Javier Ordóñez and Antonio Sánchez
  • “Domesticating Light: Standards and Artisanal Knowledge in Early Astrophysics”, Javier Ordóñez
  • “Gauss and the Mathematical Background to Standardisation”, José Ferreirós
  • “Standard Making in Cytogenetics: the Manufacture, Circulation and Reproduction of Chromosome Images”, María Jesús Santesmases
  • “Preserved Worlds: Vulnerability, Ontology, and the Logics of Standards”, Nuria Valverde-Pérez


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