HoST: New issue

New issue

 HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology

16.1, June 2022

HoST—Journal of History of Science and Technologyis a peer-reviewed open access journal, published online in English by Sciendo and results of a partnership between four Portuguese research units (CIUHCT, CIDEHUS, ICS e IHC).


Thematic Dossier “The History of East Africa’s Critical Infrastructure”

This special issue includes an introduction by the guest editor Mikael Hård followed by four articles about critical infrastructures in Africa and how their analysis can teach us how to reduce the vulnerabilities felt by communities around the world.

•       “Introduction: The History of East Africa’s Critical Infrastructure,” Mikael Hård

•       “Colonial Railways of Mozambique: Critical and Vulnerable Infrastructure, 1880s-1930s,” Hugo Silveira Pereira

•       “Planned Vulnerabilities? Street Flooding and Drainage Infrastructure in Colonial Dar es Salaam,” Frank Edward

•       “Wells and Boreholes: Resilient Water Provision in Nairobi,” Jethron Ayumbah Akallah

•       “Resilience from Below: Technicians, Repair and Maintenance Works in Post-socialist Dar es Salaam, 1985-2020,” Emanuel Lukio Mchome

An article in the Varia section

•      “Colonial Impacts on Water Supplies: An Historical Review of Sluice Technologies in Ancient Sri Lankan Irrigation,” Chandana Jayawardana

Na article resulting from a Distinguished Lecture

•       “From the Quadrivium to Modern Science,” Matteo Valleriani

In this number you can also find three Book Reviews

•       “Book Review: Sanjay Seth. Beyond Reason: Postcolonial Theory and the Social Sciences,” Marcos Cardão 

•       “Book Review: Sławomir Łotysz. Fabryka z darów: Penicylina za żelazną kurtyną 1945-1954,” Iwona Arabas

•       “Book Review: Quintino Lopes. Uma Periferia Global: Armando de Lacerda e o Laboratório de Fonética Experimental de Coimbra (1936-1979),” Hugo Soares

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