Conference: “Beyond Quantity. Research with Subsymbolic AI”, October 21-23, 2022, Paris

Accounts of machine learning, especially artificial neural networks, are currently considered to be the dominant approach in artificial intelligence. How does this form of AI challenge research, ways of knowing, and scientific practices? What problems need to be identified and what critical perspectives are appropriate to describe and evaluate the ambivalences, potentials, and risks of AI technologies, not least in their historical perspective? In particular, the participants of the conference ask how AI can be critically analyzed beyond its relation to big data and in general with a view to challenges of qualities, not quantities.

The conference is part of the project „How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Science? Research in the Era of Learning Algorithms“ funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

The conference will take place from Oct 21-23 at Sorbonne University in
Paris (no broadcasting is planned as of yet), and is part of the Volkswagen Foundation funded project “How is Articifial Intelligence Changing Science? Research in the Era of Learning Algorithms”. You can find more information

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