Biennial Call for Special Issue proposals for Centaurus

Centaurus, the official Journal of the European Society for the History of Science, regularly publishes issues dedicated to a special theme. Recently published Special Issues include:

• Science at the Zoo: Producing Knowledge about Exotic Animals (Sept. 2022)
• Making power visible. Codifications, infrastructures, and representations of energy (Nov. 2021)
• The Material Culture and Politics of Artifacts in Nuclear Diplomacy (May 2021)
• Global Perspectives on Science Diplomacy (Feb. 2021)

The ESHS and the Editorial Board of Centaurus are now soliciting proposals for Special Issues to be published in 2024 and 2025.
Proposals should include the following:

1. A description of the topic and its significance (less than 200 words).
2. A short description of (a) the topic’s relationship to the literature; (b) the degree to which the proposal links history of science to other fields of knowledge; (c) the audience that is targeted by the volume; (d) the main innovations of the proposal; (e) why the volume is especially relevant, timely and important (less than 500 words).
3. A list of (approximately) 6 to 10 contributors, together with a title and a short paragraph describing each contributor’s individual essay.
4. A brief CV of the guest editor(s).
5. A schedule of production (time needed for internal review by the guest editors; date of first submission; time for peer review; time for revisions; final version ready).

All topics that fall within the scope of the journal can be chosen. We are especially looking forward to receiving proposals for interdisciplinary special issues.

Note that Centaurus underwent some major changes in the last year: we changed publisher, became a fair and equitable Diamond Open Access journal (at no cost for neither readers nor authors) and our 2021 Impact Factor and Scopus CiteScore are (among) the highest in the field. See the website of the journal at: and, and follow us on
Twitter: @Centaurus_ESHS.

The committee selecting the special issues will be composed of representatives of the editorial board and the ESHS. Criteria include the quality, innovative character, relevance, timeliness and interest of
the proposal, the expertise of the guest editor(s), the expertise of the authors, the diversity of the group of authors (geography, age, gender, etc.), and the coherence and feasibility of the project.

Deadline: proposals should be sent to the Editor (at the address below) no later than January 10, 2023.

Sincerely yours,
Koen Vermeir, Editor of Centaurus

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