History of production, circulation and/or use of satellite data in relation to climate knowledge

European Research Council funded project CLIMASAT. Remote-sensing Satellite Data and the Making of Global Climate in Europe, 1980s-2000s (H2020- ERC-StG-101042252) led by Dr. Gemma Cirac-Claveras

Position: Two postdoctoral fellowships, 36 months each, fulltime

Place: Institut d’història de la ciència, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Benefits: Gross salary per year between 34.000€-40.000€, depending on the experience and skillset + research allowance of 3.000€/year + family allowance of 2.400€/year

Application deadline: 14/02/2023

Position: One PhD studentship, 48 months, fulltime

Place: Institut d’història de la ciència, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Benefits: Gross salary per year between 21.000€-23.000€ + research allowance of 3.000€/year + family allowance of 2.400€/year

Application deadline: 13/03/2023

Description and functions

The project CLIMASAT explores the origins of the practices and processes of producing, circulating and using data generated with Earth-orbiting satellites. The goal is to understand, historically informed, how the various ways in which satellite data were collectively negotiated, shared, maintained and used were co-produced with the forms of climate knowledge that we have inherited today.

We are now recruiting 2 postdoctoral fellows and 1 PhD student:

1-Postdoc 1 (job number: 2022DILEUA141): Origins of satellite data, from the perspective of the economies associated to practices and infrastructures of producing, circulating and/or using them. These may include, but are not restricted to: origins of the various forms of markets for satellite data, alternatives to data market economy, and effects of commercial data on the epistemological value of data, including the power relations that were built and maintained through data economics and how they impacted the production, circulation and use of climate knowledge.

2-Postdoc 2 (job number: 2022DILEUA140): Origins of the practices, processes and infrastructures involved in the production, circulation and use of satellite data, and the power relations that were encoded, from the perspective of one or more of the following CLIMASAT project’s research themes: science and technology, economy and finances, legislation and regulation, popularization and communication, and diplomacy.

3-PhD student (job number: 2022DILEUA142): Social, cultural, institutional and material practices with which satellite data were visualized, represented and communicated, and the power relations associated to them, from the perspective of the history of scientific communication and media studies.

No teaching duties are associated to these positions.

How to apply

The application comprises the following documents:

– ID or passport

– CV, including a list of publications (5 pages max)

– Diplomas

– Cover letter (qualifications, outline of PhD dissertation, and motivations for the position) (2 pages max)

– Research proposal outlining the work you would undertake while on the


– 1 Reference letter

Please apply by uploading all these documents through the following UAB platform:

The project CLIMASAT fosters a family-friendly, inclusive working environment for all, and is committed to ensuring a balanced representation of gender, functional diversity, geographical areas, and minorities.

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