symposia about “History of polarization of light”

Dear ESHS community,

I recently came across the 11th ESHS Conference that will be celebrated in Barcelona 4-7 September 2024. I saw the possibility of organizing symposia, and I thought this confereence can be a good framework to propose a Symposia on the “History of polarization of light”, a topic I am very interested as I am researcher working in the field and I think that historical aspects are essential to understand our current understanding of polarization of light. I saw in the website the note “90-minute symposia will comprise at least 3 papers, and 120-minute symposia will comprise at most 4 papers (including comments)”. I was thinking for a longer symposia on that topic could span 1 or 2 full days (I think it could gather enough participants). Would that be possible?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Oriol Arteaga
Universitat de Barcelona

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